Workshop Overview

The training workshop is designed to share our knowledge with our colleagues from the local industry. The program will give in-depth knowledge of Electronic Governors, Generator Control ( I SO/Droop) , Performance Control , Over -speed Protection and Anti-surge Systems. The course will focus on API 612 & 670 requirements for turbo machinery systems. Operations, Maintenance and Design engineers, supervisors and senior technicians of all trades can take this opportunity to enhance their knowledge on engineering design, maintainability and retrofit aspects turbo machinery systems.

Our Approach is Interactive & Personal:

Prepared directly by industry engineer, training incorporates a hands-on approach, with interactive lectures, case
studies, visual demos, group discussions more of a forum of technical executives; an environment quite different from typical training institutes. All participants are invited to utilize the rich experience of the instructor to its maximum by discussing their own plant cases for general benefit of the class.

Our Inherent Expertise:

FFC has now been involved with imparting training to the local industry since more than a decade at our plant. This training workshop is now being conducted at our Head Office in Rawalpindi by highly experienced technical experts.

Target Audience:

This workshop is intended for:
 Instrument & Control System Engineers
 Maintenance Engineers
 Operation Engineers
 Process Engineers
 Instrument Supervisors & Technicians
 Maintenance Supervisor s & Technicians

Day – 1
 Course Outline and Expectations
 Steam Turbines, Types and Applications
 Types of Turbine Governing Systems
 Hydraulic & Mechanical Governors
 Limitations of Hydraulic & Mechanical Governors
 Electronic Governors – Architecture
 Functions and Advantages of Electronic Governors
 Woodward 505/ 505E Governor and main features
 Woodward CPC-II Electro Hydraulic Converter
 API-612 / 670 Compliance

Day – 2
 Refresher of Day-1 (Key Points)
 Multi-stage Turbine Control
 Steam Mapping (Induction / Extraction Turbine)
 Generator Governing System (ISO / Droop)

 Compressor Governing System (Performance)
 Over Speed Protection – Mechanical
 Electronic Over Speed Protection (OSP)
 Woodward Protech GII
 Trip Block (TMR) – Solenoid
 API-612 / 670 Compliance

Day – 3
 Compressor (Basic and Types)
 Centrifugal Compressor (Types and Configurations)
 Compressor Surging and Consequences
 Anti-surge Controls (Recycle or Blow-off)
 Surge Limit Line (SLL) on OEM Maps
 Surge Mapping on Anti-Surge Controller
 Proximity to Surge Calculations
 Functioning of Anti-Surge Controller
 Loop Decoupling of Multiple Controllers
 Anti-Surge Valve Sizing
 Concluding Notes

Workshop Dates:
The three-day training workshop will be held from 16 – 18 March 2020.

The training will be conducted at FFC Head Office, SONA Towers situated opposite Pearl Continental Hotel (PC) on Mall Road in Rawalpindi Cantonment.

Training Fee:
The fee for the training program is Rs. 35,000/- (excluding tax) per participant.

Discount of 10% available for all nominations received before 20th Feb 2020. Group discount of 10% for 3 or more
nominations from an organization.

Lunch & Refreshments:
Refreshment breaks during workshop along with lunch at our cafeteria during the workshop days are included in cost.

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