How we create and share value?

How we create and share value?



We create and add value for our customers and economy at large by producing and marketing quality fertilizers. Our products are additives for better crop productivity and our purpose is to protect and enhance productive potential of farms and our end consumers’ earnings. We have millions of customers in Pakistan ranging from small farmers to large farm holdings and farm houses. To meet the expectations of our customers and in line with our strategy, we are committed to producing only quality products which correspond to the international environment and safety standards. Constant monitoring and regular reviews are carried out on all business aspects and processes in order to ensure that they continue to conform to our commitment to produce quality products. Quality and performance monitoring is an integral part of our business processes and strategic planning. External certification of health and safety of production systems and customer health and safety are performed regularly. The results are used in the evaluation of our approach and related adjustments in processes are carried out, where required. Product responsibility lies with the manufacturing department and the Chief Executive & Managing Director is responsible for health and safety impacts of our products.

FFC makes sure that employees, customers, general public and the environment can rely on the safety of its products throughout the entire product lifecycle. Regular training are conducted covering aspects related to health & safety of product and product quality. Standard weight of fertilizer bags is ensured and regular quality analysis of product samples is performed in respect of average prill size, biuret, moisture, crushing strength and total fitness. FFC made assessment of health and safety impacts of all products during the year in order to identify improvements and support its commitment of producing customer friendly products. During the year, our products were in compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning health and safety impacts of products.


Growers are central in our strategy to ensure a sustained long-term growth. We have built a loyal customer base through our continuous commitment and investment in farm advisory which promotes the brand in the marketplace and contributes to our overall success. We adopt an integrated approach of agronomic, extension and soil testing activities for accomplishing the objectives of Farm Advisory Services. Our agronomic activities include laying out crop demonstration plots and conducting fertilizer trials in farmers’ fields while extension activities include agricultural seminars, farmer meetings, group discussions, blitz programs, field days, training programs and farm visits. Our soil testing service is a valuable tool to identify soil problems and to propagate appropriate and balanced use of fertilizers.

In order to ensure incessant support to the farming community, we continuously invest in our Farm Advisory Services. We operate 5 Farm Advisory Centers and 18 regional Agri. Services Offices. A Farm Advisory Center comprises of a team of professionals fully equipped with modern and sophisticated computerized soil & water testing laboratory and a demonstration van with high tech audio visual equipment. It operates for 4-5 years in an area providing guidance in line with area crops and socio-economic position of the farmers. We maintain close liaison with research organizations to transfer the latest findings to the farming community through our farm advisory services. The experts and professionals from agricultural institutions and government departments are invited to deliberate upon problems of the farming community. We are collaborating with various national and international companies on R&D activities related to slow release fertilizers, biologically enhanced fertilizers, and micronutrients impregnated fertilizers. Among others, these include NUST Islamabad, GC University Lahore, EVL Inc., Canada, PIEAS–Nilore and HarvestPlus. FFC has established Fertilizer Research Centre at Faisalabad as a testing and evaluation platform for newly developed fertilizer products. Moreover, we are carrying out R&D work on many improved fertilizer products which would release nitrogen from the granule in a manner that matches crop growth requirement thus directly addressing the issue of Planetary Boundaries. The planetary boundaries concept presents a set of nine planetary boundaries within which humanity can continue to develop and thrive for generations to come. Crossing these boundaries could generate abrupt or irreversible environmental changes. Respecting the boundaries reduces the risks to human society of crossing these thresholds.

We develop and regularly update crop literature (in national and regional languages) covering complete production technology, fertilizer dosage, timing and method of application for all major crops, vegetables and fruits grown in the country. In this regard, 23 booklets/flyers especially, the “Fertilizer Guide Book” and “Fertilizer Recommendation Book” are valuable assets for disseminating information about fertilizers and their use for different crops. The booklets/flyers are printed in different languages to overcome language barriers and ensure mass outreach.

Agriculture newsletters are published quarterly in Urdu and Sindhi languages to refresh farmers’ knowledge regarding seasonal/on-going crop operations. During the year, brochures of various crops, orchards and vegetables were distributed among the farmers in various Agri. Services activities for their ready reference. Moreover, Short Messages Service (SMS) about different agriculture related issues and recommended practices were also sent to farmers on the mailing list.

In order to further strengthen FFC’s contact with the Farming Community, prompt interaction regarding their emergent field issues and suggesting resolution within the shortest possible time, the company has in place a dedicated free helpline service (0800-00332).