About this report

Scope and boundary

Reporting Period
The report is produced and published annually. The 2017 report covers the period I January to 31 December 2017.  The last year’s report was published on June 08, 2017.

Operating businesses
The report covers the activities of FFC only and does not include information about subsidiary and associated companies. The economic and social data presented in the report includes data of FFC’s manufacturing plants, marketing offices and head office, while the environmental data relates to plant sites and does not include the environmental impact of other locations except for the environmental impacts of fuel used in company vehicles. The information about the impacts of our activities – while creating value – beyond FFC operations is not discussed due to non-availability of reliable and verifiable data.

Financial and non-financial reporting
The reports include both financial and non-financial performance, risks and opportunities and information on impacts which are important to our stakeholders or which significantly influence our ability to create and deliver value with our stakeholders.

Reporting framework

Our report is a voluntary document issued in accordance with International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Integrated Reporting (IR) framework, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) GRI Standards: comprehensive option, and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) “Ten Principles” requirements to provide stakeholders a comprehensive picture of the activities carried out to create value, value created during the year and commitments made in the economic, environmental and social spheres.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards:
Comprehensive option.

Report content and methodology

Report content
The contents of this report are based on the results of our engagement with stakeholders, International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Integrated Reporting (IR) framework and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards requirements.

All material topics, which are of interest to different stakeholders and which reflect significant impacts of our activities on economy, environment, and society are included in this report.

Report methodology
The compilation of data has been done on the basic scientific measurement and mathematical calculus methods on actual basis, but in some cases where actual data is unavailable due to some reasons, different logical methodologies are used for calculations. The usage of any such method is mentioned at respective places in the report. The data measurement techniques are the same as used for previous year.

There has been no change in the reporting period, scope, boundary or measurement methods applied in the report. There are no changes that can significantly affect the comparability of data from period to period. Previous years’ figures have been regrouped / rearranged wherever found necessary to conform to this year’s classification.

Preparation of this report is part of annual reporting process subject to independent review, analysis and approval of a number of approving authorities. The report is approved by CSR Committee, the highest decision making body headed by CE&MD. FFC makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the sustainability information contained in this report. From time to time, however, figures may be updated. The online PDF version of the sustainability report will be considered the most current version and takes precedence over any previously printed version. The online PDF as well as HTML version can be assessed at https://ffc.com.pk/sustainability/.

Independent external review

The report was externally reviewed by ­­­­­BSD Consulting, an independent reviewer, in order to check compliance with IR framework, GRI Standards and principles of inclusiveness, materiality and responsiveness. The senior executives were involved in the review process through involvement in selection of the reviewer, discussing and responding to reviewer’s observations and providing management representations.   The statement of the independent external reviewer describing the activities carried out and the expression of opinion is provided on the page 70.

Board’s responsibility

Board of Directors’ Statement

The Board acknowledges its responsibility to ensure integrity of this integrated report, which in Board’s opinion, addresses all material issues and presents Company’s integrated performance in accordance with Regulatory Framework, Sustainability Reporting Standards and Integrated Reporting Framework.



Rs. 90.71billion

Rs. 90.71billion

Fertilizer sold

3,223 thousand tonnes

3,223 thousand tonnes

Return on Equity



Energy consumption

154,593 GJ increased

154,593 GJ increased

Water use

6% increase

6% increase

CSR spending

89 million rupees

89 million rupees


4,876MT CO2 decreased

4,876MT CO2 decreased


Dear stakeholders,

It gives me great satisfaction to share FFC’s value creation story with all our stakeholders. I am proud that our integrated sustainability report broadly demonstrates the value which we create through manufacturing and marketing quality fertilizer while playing a meaningful role in the lives of our stakeholders.

In the year 2017, the companies globally have shown growth in a volatile, uncertain and constrained environment and it has been not different for us at FFC. The oversupply faced by the global fertilizer industry started to diminish and a modest growth is expected for next five years. Despite challenging environment at national level, FFC remained at forefront by delivering exceptional performance on sales and revenue fronts, ensuring sustainable returns to stakeholders.

Problems faced by humanity are challenging businesses’ traditional role. Businesses are expected to be more proactive and play a dynamic role in solving the problems faced by the mankind. We, apart from aligning our business to play an active role, joined hands with our partners to organize Corporate Leadership Conversation on Sustainable Development Goals in order to create awareness and encourage corporates to enter in collaboration for larger benefit of society. We are committed to playing this dynamic role through awareness, collaboration and action to meet the country level goals while creating value for our stakeholders.

At FFC, we have well established sustainability practices and goals to manage our impacts and contribute towards the goal of sustainable development. Our integrated sustainability report for the third consecutive year has been ranked “Best Sustainability Report” at ICAP and ICMAP “Best Sustainability Reporting Awards” which shows our commitment to sustainability and transparency.

I affirm our commitment to create and share future value with our shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and communities.

Lt. Gen. Khalid Nawaz Khan HI (M), Sitara-i-Esar (Retired)