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General Approval Workflow

SAP based process of General Approval Workflow (GAW), is an easy to use application which empowers users with seamless integration of processes, presenting users with familiar pre-populated forms, kicking off review and approval cycle, automatically, tracking and auditing of all tasks instantaneously.

Health Information System

An extensively designed healthcare solution for commercial organizations and small-scale hospitals, to keep track of health-care facilities, including OPD visits, Medicines, Lab Tests, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Vaccinations, etc, availed by employees or their entitled family members. A full-fledge inventory module is also included for maintaining a real-time medicine inventory on-site or at panel chemist’s location/store.

Job Follow-up system (JFS)

Job Follow-up system (JFS) provides a platform to plan, intimate, log, make, follow-ups on meetings and subsequent actions. Also to improve visibility and accessibility, meetings can be grouped under forums.

Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System makes quick and easy tracking of fleet management including fueling, trip logging and preventive & repair maintenance. System reports real-time vehicles’ Ins and Outs and makes it very convenient for organizations to track running of its vehicles.

Recruitment Portal

Recruitment system is an end-to-end solution tailored-fit to meet recruitment needs of an organization. Solution entails publishing vacancies, defining customized shortlisting criteria, shortlisting applicants for tests/interviews, sending electronic call letters, creating test interview panels, entering test interview score and registering an applicant as your employee, all integrated with SAP.