Code of Conduct


  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC) is a responsible corporate enterprise following and complying all the applicable laws, rules and regulations issued by the regulators and governing bodies from time to time.
  • Guiding principles are outlined for compliance by all who are associated with FFC.


FFC aims at maintaining the organizational culture that promotes transparency and accountability through honesty, integrity and diligence in dealing with employees, customers, financial market, government, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.




  • This code is obligatory, both morally as well as legally and is equally applicable to all the Directors and employees of the Company.
  • We intend to follow the highest business ethics and standards of conduct.
  • It is obligatory for all to act responsibly; that is, to be honest, trustworthy, conscientious and dedicated to the highest standards of ethical business practices and conduct.

Guiding Principals

  • Gender Equality
    • The Company shall strictly maintain and promote gender equality without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ancestry, familial status, age, disability etc.
    • Equal opportunities to employees in proffessional growth will be afforded to all irrespective of any gender or racial / religious biases.
  • Compliance to Law/ Policies
    • We shall not make, recommend, or cause any action, contract, agreement, investment, expenditure or transaction known or believed to be in violation of any law, regulation or corporate / Company policy.
  • Exercise of Authority
    • We shall not use our respective positions / authority to force, induce, coerce, harass, intimidate, or in any manner influence any person, including subordinates, to provide any favour, gift or benefit, whether financial or otherwise, to ourselves or others.
    • We shall remain refuted to any actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, differential power, or trust, for any purposes.
  • Business Dealings
    • In business dealings with suppliers, contractors, consultants, customers and government entities, we shall not provide or offer to provide, any gratuity, favour or other benefit
    • All business dealings shall be conducted strictly at an arm’s length basis.
    • We shall not engage in outside business activities, either directly or indirectly, with a customer, vendor, supplier or agent of the Company, or engage in business activities which are inconsistent with, or contrary to, the business activities of the Company.
    • We shall deal with our business partners, suppliers and customers honestly at the same time protecting the Company’s confidential information, trade secrets and business interests.
  • Personal Relationship
    • All of us shall exercise utmost care in looking after business interests of the Company under situations in which a pre-existing personal relationship exists between an individual and any third party or Government employee or official of an agency with whom the Company has an existing or potential business relationship.
    • Where there is any doubt as to the propriety of the relationship, the individual shall report the relationship to management so as to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.
  • Health and Safety
    • We shall set a goal oriented Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System; derived from Industry Best Practices and International Standard.
    • Every employee should:-
      • Observe all applicable health and safety rules and practices.
      • Promptly report any unhealthy or unsafe conditions or threatening or violent behavior.
      • Follow all security measures and guidelines for a safe work environment.
      • Know what to do in an emergency and cooperate during the practice of emergency drills.
  • Protection of Property
    • We shall not use or disclose the Company’s trade secret, proprietary or confidential information gained in the performance of Company duties as a means of making private profit, gain or benefit.
    • We shall protect Company’s property, plant premises, supplies (all kind), production equipment and products.
  • Reporting of Illegal/ Unethical Conduct
    • We shall implement a strict policy for “whistleblowing” and protection against retaliation.
    • Employees shall be encouraged to report any unethical behaviour, violation of laws, rules, regulations, company policies and procedures or code of conduct to the respective committee.
    • Informant shall be warranted no retaliation for reports made in good faith.
  • Reputation
    • We shall maintain reputation of the company as a valuable asset and consciousness of our reputation shall prevail in our words and deeds.
  • Brand Image
    • Every employee shall maintain strong and consistent brand image of the company while dealing with all stakeholders.
  • Protection of Environment
    • We shall abide by all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations including environmental quality standards.
    • We shall encourage all employees to recognize and promptly report any situation posing potential or actual environmental hazard.
  • Contribution to Society
    • We shall enhance and create value for the society social initiatives.
    • We shall create lasting change in communities through programs designed and implemented in the light of Sustainable Development Goals, which include Commitment to implement universal principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection, anti-corruption, key education, health, environmental, social and humanitarian issues, investments in communities and empowering farmer’s community to ensure food security.