Our Manufacturing Plants’

operational efficiencies reflect our professionalism & dedication

Operational Excellence

During 2016, the Company raised its production benchmark with an ever highest Sona urea production of 2,523 thousand tonnes, on account of restored gas supply and operational efficiencies. The urea output surpassed last year’s production by 54 thousand tonnes while contributing around 42% to the total indigenous urea production during 2016 and an aggregate contribution of 54 million tonnes since inception of the Company.

Sustainable Production

In view of the declining gas pressures due to diminishing gas reservoir, the Company has devised a long term sustainability plan which includes installation of gas compressors to improve the diminishing pressure besides evaluating various alternate fuel options including LNG, coal, SNG, power wheeling etc, to ensure sustainable operations.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We are committed for continual improvement in OH&S management and

We resolve to prevent ill health, incidents and injuries through compliance with applicable laws & standards, training, controls, feedback and corrective & preventive actions.

Certified from International Fertilizer Association

FFC ensures that fertilizers and their raw materials, additives and intermediate products are processed and manufactured, handled, stored, distributed and used in a safe way.

Plant I & II – Goth Machhi

Plants I & II achieved combined output of 1,664 thousand tonnes, higher by around 3% compared to the preceding year, driven by increased urea output by Plant-II and sustained production by Plant I at 841 thousand tonnes despite planned maintenance turnaround of 16 days. The plantsite also attained an overall nameplate capacity utilization factor of 125%, highest in the last five years.

Base Unit-Goth Machhi(Plant-1)

Start-up : June 1982
Design Capacity
Ammonia : 330,000 Met/Year
Urea : 570,000 Met/Year
Revamped Base Unit
Capacity Enhanced : 1992

New Capacity

Ammonia : 403,000 Met/Year
Urea : 695,000 Met/Year

Expansion Unit-Goth Machhi(Plant-II)

Start-up : 1993
Design Capacity
Ammonia : 363,000 Met/Year
Urea : 635,000 Met/Year

Plant III – Mirpur Mathelo

During 2016, Company’s manufacturing facility at Mirpur Mathelo, set new benchmarks with highest ever daily, monthly and annual production records. The plant manufactured 859 thousand tonnes of urea, higher by over 1% compared to last year. 

Maintenance of air compressor and rotor bearings was undertaken in 2016, which resulted in an operations shut down of 25 hours. Synthesis compressor thrust bearings and other inspections were carried out during the shutdown period to ensure optimal production efficiency of the Plant and avoid production interruptions in the future.

The Plant recorded 8.0 million man hours of safe operations at end of the year, signifying the Company’s commitment to employee safety.

Mirpur Mathelo Unit (Plant-III)

(EX-PAKSAUDI Fertilizer Ltd.)

Start-up : Oct 1980
Acquition by FFC : 31 May, 2002
Merged with FFC : 1 July, 2002
Design Capacity
Ammonia : 330,000 Met/Year
Urea : 574,000 Met/Year

Revamped Plant-III & Capacity Enhanced : 2009

New Capacity

Ammonia : 413,000 Met/Year
Urea : 718,000 Met/Year