Technical Training

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited [FFC] is a leading fertilizer manufacturer in Pakistan, operating three Ammonia-Urea fertilizer plants, with cumulative annual production capacity of more than two million tons.

FFC recognized the importance of training since its beginning and established its own Technical Training Centre [TTC] at Goth Machhi in 1981 to provide trained plant personnel. Over the past three decades, the TTC, equipped with modern training facilities and plant-experienced instructors has emerged as a Centre of Excellence in imparting technical training to international and national companies.


Training Objectives

  • To identify deficiencies in technical competence of human resource and minimize the gaps between existing and required competences.

  • To impart knowledge and knowhow to perform safe operation and maintenance practices at the ammonia and urea plants.

  • To provide proven training system to clients for human resource development.


Training Faculty

Experienced managers and professional of our plants, who are actively engaged in plant of operation and maintenance, impart vital practical knowledge.


Operation Pilot Plants

13 pilot plants covering major areas of Unit Operations are available for training. These include Water Treatment, Distillation, Boiler, Gas Absorption, Crystallization, Heat Exchanger, Compressors, Ion-Exchange, Pumps, Cooling tower, Temperature, Level & Flow Control etc.

Pilot Plants



Laboratories include Safety, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Lab.

Safety laboratory is a unique training lab. The experiments include: Use of Personal Protective Equipment, Fire, Friction Static Charge, Effect of increased Flash Point, Backfire, Explosion, etc.

 Safety Laboratory


Simulators (Operation & Maintenance)

Operator Training Simulator (OTS), simulating complete actual plant in real time is available. Simulation is provided by emulating software & Simulator Control Stations for interactive training.

A dedicated DCS trainer connected with pilot plant is available for training.

An indigenous Mechanical Simulator provides Field Maintenance training.


Maintenance Workshops

Training workshops for Electrical, Instrument, Mechanical and Welding are available. 


Electrical Maintenance Workshop

Workshop facilities include training on Power generation & distribution system, Turbo generators, Excitation system, Protection system, Synchronization, Generator auxiliaries, Diesel generator, Medium / low volt switchgears, Power center, Motor control center, Direct current panel, Terminal board panel, Medium / low voltage transformers, Medium/ low voltage motors, UPS control & and inverter system, Cathodic protection system.


View of Electrical Shop


Instrument Maintenance Workshop

Training include  Transmitters,  Switches, SOV's, Control Valves, Positioner, Primaries, cables & accessories, Pressure types of PSVs, Maintenance & testing of PSVs, Study of control loops [including three element & anti-surge], Familiarization with DCS, PLC trouble-shooting, Burner management system, Bentley Nevada machinery monitoring system, Woodward governors, Electronic & pneumatic calibrators, Electronic & Pneumatic test equipment, etc.

View of Maintenance Shop


Mechanical Maintenance Workshop

 A workshop with cut models and complete training equipment related to stationary as well as rotating equipment are available like Steam/Gas turbines, Reciprocating/Centrifugal Pumps/Compressors, Gear & Gear drives, Mechanical & Dry Gas Seals, Bearings, Lubrication, Alignment, Gas Engine, Welding, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessel, Columns, Valves, Rigging, Scaffolding, Specialized tools, etc.


Mechanical Shop (External View) Mechanical Shop (Internal View)



A state of the art library is also present at TTC where technical as well as management books are issued to trainees. Total number of books is around 25,000.


Fields of Training

The training programs impart contemporary supervisory and technical skills. It enhances existing competencies of the trainees in the following plant activities and fields:

  • Safety, health and environment

  • Operational activities including startup / shutdown / turnaround / commissioning

  • Mechanical Maintenance and shutdown/turnaround planning

  • Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Inspection

  • Quality control, Laboratory systems, Training and development

In addition, customized courses are also offered to local and foreign clients as per specific requirements.

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Our Clients

FFC effectively provided specific technical training to the following foreign companies:

Kaltim Fertilizer – Indonesia

Jamuna Fertilizer - Bangladesh

SNGCP – China

Statoil  Co. Limited – Norway

Hainan Group – China

Inner Mongolian Fertilizers – China

GPIC - Bahrain

Fertinitro – Venezuela

Kaltim-4 Fertilizer Co. Ltd, Indonesia

Danish Students - Denmark

KAFCO Fertilizers – Bangladesh

SCF Khor Al-Zubair Fertilizer - Iraq


FFC also has the honor of being the country’s leading technical training provider to major multinational companies, oil & gas and process industries:

OMV Exploration GmBH

ENI Group

Liberty Power

PARCO Refinery

Pak Petroleum

Engro Chemicals Limited

BHP-Billiton Petroleum Ltd

Lotte-Pak PTA

Bosicor Refinery

Attock Refinery

AES Power Plant

Packages Ltd

Unilever Ltd

MOL Oil & Gas BV

United Energy Pakistan



International Recognition

 Recently M/s Saipem has again awarded Technical Training Center a ‘Certificate of Competence’ for training excellence.



IT Vision

IT Vision is aligned with FFC Corporate Vision and is the process of transformation by introducing best practices. Read more

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