Marketing Operations

Marketing Division, setup in July, 1978 is responsible for all marketing operations including planning, distribution, sales, farm advisory services, field warehousing, finance and administration. The marketing division started its "Seeding Program" in the spring of 1979 by marketing imported urea. With the commencement of commercial production in June 1982, the company started marketing of its own urea under the brand name "Sona". To meet the increasing urea requirements of the country a second plant was established which commenced commercial production in March 1992. The company is also marketing the entire production of DAP and granular Urea of Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd.(FFBL), formerly Fauji Jordan Fertilizer Co. Ltd. Now,The company markets not only Sona urea and DAP but also imported nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassic fertilizers and micronutrients.

In July 2002, a quantity of 0.6 million mt urea per year was added to the existing production by the acquisition of Pak Saudi Fertilizer Ltd. (PSFL). Today, the company is fully geared up and successfully marketing over 3.8 million tons of all fertilizers imported and produced by its plants every year.

When FFC came into the market with its production in June 1982, the other manufacturers namely Exxon Chemicals Pakistan Ltd (ECPL), Dawood Hercules (DH) and National Fertilizer Corporation (NFC) were already well established in the market. The brands of ECPL (Engro) and DH (Babber Sher) were considered premium brands in Sindh and Punjab respectively.

FFC had to face very tough competition from the beginning. This competition coupled with the huge surplus of urea in the domestic market posed a great challenge to the company in the initial years. The Government of Pakistan deregulated the trade and prices of nitrogenous fertilizers in 1986. FFC met the challenge by capturing the desired market share of urea and in the process, enhanced the image of its brand name, which has now become the number one brand in the country. During the period 1983 to 1986 when a large urea surplus existed in the country, FFC pioneered urea exports which not only helped in stabilizing domestic urea prices but also earned valuable foreign exchange for the country.

The Government of Pakistan deregulated the trade and prices of phosphatic and potassic fertilizers in 1993 and 1995 respectively. Subsequently, FFC pioneered self imports of phosphatic fertilizers and sulphate of Potash (SOP) as a result of which timely supplies of these fertilizers were arranged. Farmers were thus provided with quality product in bags with guaranteed correct weight and this brought about a very positive qualitative change in the phosphatic fertilizer business in the country. Today, the Marketing Division has the necessary expertise to handle fertilizer imports and exports. In recent years the agriculture research in the country has identified Boron deficiency in major crops grown in Pakistan. In order to meet this deficiency and to support company's endeavours to promote balanced fertilizer use, FFC imported Borax and launched it with the brand name Sona Boron. Efforts are also underway to manufacture and market Zincated urea briquettes to meet zinc deficiency particularly in the rice crop.

FFC believes in selling a programme rather than just a product. For this the company has adopted a customer oriented strategy, marketing quality products backed up by efficient and effective support services with emphasis on developing the market through practical and innovative farmer education.

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