Marketing Group

FFC Marketing Group was established in 1979 as part of seeding program to develop market for Company’s fertilizer products and provide Agriculture extension services to farming community. Our commercial production started in June 1982. Since inception, FFC adopted a growth oriented marketing strategy with a vision of becoming a leading fertilizer manufacturing and marketing company in Pakistan Fertilizer Industry and Alhamdulillah we have become one.

The company has been marketing quality fertilizers for over last 3 decades. Marketing Group operations are spread all across the country. Currently, company has 3 sales zones and 63 sales districts. Each sale district operates through well spread dealers as well as warehousing network. In this way company makes sure that its product reaches at the door steps of the farming community, even at the farthest locations of the country.

The Group markets indigenously produced Urea of both FFC and FFBL along with imported fertilizers through approximately 3,700 dealers. Product portfolio includes Urea (Prilled & Granular), DAP (Indigenous & Imported), SOP, MOP and micronutrient (Boron & Zinc). Company markets locally produced macro nutrient of FFC & FFBL and imported micro nutrient products under the brand name of “SONA” while marketing of imported macro nutrient products is done under the brand name of “FFC”.

FFC has always been a socially responsible corporate entity with a focused approach on providing finest quality products and services to end users. The Company started its CSR activities in 1982 by introducing Agri-Services department. For that purpose FFC established 5 State of the Art Farm Advisory Centers where highly qualified Technical Services Officers are striving for transferring latest agricultural technology and recommending balanced use of fertilizers. Micro-Nutrient analysis (Zinc, Boron & Iron) and soil/water testing facilities are also given to farmers free of cost. The farmer focused approach; persistent efforts and perennial pursuit of excellence have helped FFC Marketing reach pinnacle of fertilizer marketing in Pakistan and made “SONA” the preferred choice of the farming community all across the country.

The Company has marketed over 78 million tonnes of fertilizers since inception. FFC marketed over 3.8 million tonnes fertilizers in year 2016 only. FFC is the market leader in Pakistan fertilizer industry and currently holds 52% share in Urea market and 44% in DAP market.

FFC remains committed to play its role in the development of agriculture in Pakistan by marketing high quality fertilizers and transferring latest agriculture technology to the customers in the years to come.