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FFC CSR Successfully Executes Flood Relief Activities in District Ghotki

Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation has been central to FFC CSR activities and interventions. FFC has always rose to the occasion across Pakistan in testing times. In 2010-11 floods, FFC was among one of the top contributors to the relief, rehabilitation and construction efforts in the aftermath of devastating floods that swept away nearly 1/3rd of Pakistan’s total area. From 2010-13, FFC contribution to flood relief activities amount to Rs 280 million. 



In 2013 as well, several districts in Sindh as well as Punjab experienced flooding as a result of unprecedented Monsoon rains in July/ August. In Ghotki FFC extended its assistance and resources to the District Administration for flood precautionary and relief measures. From the experience of devastation witnesses in Ghotki in 2010-11, Qadirpur Loop Bund and Qadirpur Shank Bund were identified as the banks vulnerable to high water concentration and in case of their collapse, scores of surrounding villages and communities will be washed away. For this, FFC extended its cooperation by strengthening the two vital river banks by deploying dumpers round the clock for 15 days to reinforce and strengthen them from collapsing. Also, FFC provided 2500 sand bags to prevent flood water from moving into low-lying and surrounding areas.

For the communities displaced by floods, FFC CSR reached out to 300 families by providing 1 week (dry) ration to assist them in these testing times. As per our track record, FFC will continue to assist communities affected by natural calamities across Pakistan in future as well.    

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